‘Fuller, Tempchin & Young’ at City Winery Nashville June 5th 2016

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Glenn Frey And I Were Friends For Years Before The Eagles…

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Glenn Frey and I were friends for years before the Eagles. His music plan was simple: He was going to have a band with the best players in the world. And the best singers in the world. And the best songwriters and the best songs in the world. It would be the best in every […]

Japan Debut Tour 2016!


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Jack Tempchin: For Your Consideration

Grammy Consideration

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Big thanks to Blue Elan Records for the Grammy consideration ad in Billboard.

Jack Tempchin on SiriusXM

Jack Tempchin on Sirius XM radio

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Jack Tempchin on SiriusXM The Village channel 741 online in the USA and on satellite in Canada this week!

Jack Tempchin’s Fourth Quarter Romance

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Originally published on AnalogPlanet.com by Michael Fremer When I interviewed singer/songwriter Jack Tempchin recently I joked about why older songwriters often lose their creativity. Imagine the song titles compared to when the writer was young, I quipped. “My wife got fat”, “She forgot the lube” (etc.). We both laughed but it’s true that you write […]

Jack Tempchin: The TVD Interview


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Originally published on The Vinyl District. Jack Tempchin is a product of a time when songs were expected to tell stories, and the songwriters who were masters of storytelling were sought after as aggressively as any first-round quarterback. Tempchin’s tunes have taken root in so many minds, and have lifted so many hearts in the […]

Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin Releases New Solo Album; Says New Label Deal “Really Inspired” His Creativity


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This article was originally published on ABC Radio Online. Songwriter Jack Tempchin probably is best known for having a hand in penning two classic early Eagles hits, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Already Gone,” but he’s also a rather prolific solo artist in his own right. Tempchin has just released a new full-length solo album titled […]

Learning To Dance Is Available Now!

Learning to Dance Pre order package

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Blue Elan Records is proud to announce that Jack Tempchin’s new album “Learning To Dance” is available NOW! You can order the physical CD here: http://www.blueelan.com/store/jack-tempchin-learning-to-dance-cd You can also download a digital copy on iTunes. This is Jack’s first full length album in over 8 years. He’s poured his heart and soul into the album […]


Learning to Dance Pre order package

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Originally published on Discussions Magazine. Jack Tempchin comes from an era when the ‘song’ meant more to a musician than fame and fortune. Sure, everybody wants to be successful, but there are those songwriters who are far more interested in creating art than decorating their mansions with it. During the Folk scene of the ‘60s, […]

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